Violent Crimes

A violent crime involves violence or the threat of violence to commit a crime, including assault, simple affray, manslaughter, or murder.

These crimes can come with harsh punishments. Typically there are orders for no contact that, if violated, could land you in jail.  

How we help clients with Violent Crime charges

As a past Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Tuorto prosecuted hundreds of assaults and domestic violence cases. Having seen these complex cases from both sides of the court, Mr. Tuorto has the experience to provide the best defense for his clients and knows how to challenge inconstancies in the state’s evidence, specifically weak witness statements.

There are always two sides to every story, and in order to make sure your side is known, you need a dedicated and compassionate attorney defending your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know I'm guilty of committing the crime, and there's no way I'm going to get off. Why do I need a lawyer? 

It is extremely important to have a lawyer advise you through the criminal process. A good criminal defense attorney can see issues in your case that may not be as evident to the untrained eye. These issues can be the difference between guilt and innocence. Absent any issues, an attorney can craft a plea bargain that best suits your needs, therefore avoiding jail time, supervised probation, or unnecessary convictions.


"Anthony is the best attorney I've had and I am extremely lucky to have hired him... he genuinely cared about me and my case and was always really nice and polite with me even if at one point I was hard to work with. All of these qualities together, he makes for a top notch attorney and a great person."

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