Asheville DWI Lawyer

Driving While Impaired can result in jail time, a revoked license, court fines, and job loss. In the state of North Carolina, the sentencing for DWI/DUIs are complex, and having a strong DWI lawyer defending you can make a serious difference.

How we help clients with a DWI charge

We first create a plan of attack for your DWI charge to help give back your peace of mind and sense or normalcy. Step one typically involves obtaining a provisional license to get you back on the road. In step two, we dissect the facts of your case and explain all the elements of the charge to you and start looking at all possible defenses.

We can also help connect you with alcohol assessors, ignition interlock providers, counselors, and other resources to help you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions about DWIs in Asheville

Can I still drive even though the police officer confiscated my license when arresting me for DWI?

Whenever someone is arrested for DWI, the police often confiscate not only their physical license but also their ability to lawfully drive for 30 days after the arrest date. You can, however, seek a license reinstatement from the DMV in that 30-day window in order to drive again. You can also get a limited driving privilege license within 10 days after the arrest. While this requires work, it does allow you to drive on a limited basis for the remaining 20 days of your suspension.

I refused to take a breathalyzer test when I was pulled over for a DWI. can that be used against me in court?

Yes. While you do have the right to refuse a field test or breathalyzer, the consequences are severe. A person who refuses a breathalyzer test loses their license for one year, even if they are found not guilty of the DWI. It can also make it difficult to get a limited driving privilege after the arrest. 

In trial, refusing to take the test will be used against you by the state as evidence of your impairment. There are, however, careful responses to these questions that can help explain why someone would refuse the tests, which can help your defense.

I know I'm guilty and there's no way I am going to get off. why should i still hire a lawyer?

Having a criminal defense attorney advise you with your case is still extremely important. First, a good DWI lawyer can see issues in your case that can actually make the difference between guilt and innocence. If you are undeniably guilty an attorney can craft a plea bargain that best suits your needs, helping you avoid jail time or unnecessary convictions.


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